Courage Group Starts April 23

The Courage Group is a free support group for women who are survivors of child sexual abuse. A new group is starting April 23 and will meet on Thursday nights from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Children’s Center at 112 W. 5th in Bonham. Women who are 18 years or older and who were sexually abused as a child are eligible to participate at no cost. Sandy Hood is the facilitator of the group.

Previous Courage Group participants have overwhelmingly been pleased with the benefits in attending. One participant said that “I have watched as members of the Courage Group have blossomed, holding heads higher and smiling so much more.” She went on to say that “I am a more rounded and happy person for being part of this magical Courage Group.”

Many of the group members feel the group is a place where they can be understood and accepted. Another member said “Since I started attending the support group, I found a place where I am not afraid of being judged or sneered at, because people have such an adverse reaction to someone who has been sexually abused; even more so if it is “incest.” It has such a hard label, a hurtful connotation to the person who bears the violation. It is almost like what has happened to me, will rub off on them.”

The new group will meet weekly at the center beginning on April 23. For questions or to join the Courage Group, contact Sandy Hood at (903) 583-4339.

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