Cyndi Keeler: Volunteer of the Quarter

Cyndi Keeler (2)Cyndi Keeler has been named Volunteer of the Quarter for the Fannin County Children’s Center.  Keeler found out about the Children’s Center through her church.  She served on the board for a couple of years but has mostly been volunteering in other ways.

“I volunteer because I believe each one of us has talents or gift that can help someone,” said Keeler.   “The Children’s Center reaches out in so many ways into the community.  By volunteering I can focus on the needs of the community through an organization that is addressing those community needs.”

For many years, Keeler has helped with the center’s big fundraising event called Justice Is Served.  She recently retired from working and owning a HVAC Service Company with her husband.  This has freed up more of her time, so she has started volunteering regularly to organize the Rainbow Room.  This room contains donations of new clothing, shoes, diapers and more for the children served by the center.   Over the summer, Keeler logged in many hours going through the entire room and re-organizing it.

Keeler has been married to her husband David for over 32 years. Together they have had a full life of working, ranching and taking care of a wide variety of animals. When she is not volunteering at the Children’s Center, Keeler enjoys taking on new challenges in life. She likes learning new things like baking breads and knitting.  “I also enjoy hanging out with my husband and animals,” said Keeler.

“Cyndi has been a huge help to us,” said Andrea Lappin, the Children’s Center’s Community Development Director.  “The Rainbow Room has been transformed over the summer by Cyndi.  It is so much easier for everyone to find things that are needed for the kids we serve.”

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