Courthouse Facility Dog

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We have been working with Canine Companions and Courthouse Dogs Foundation to get a professionally trained courthouse facility dog for our center. We have moved through their application process rather quickly and in April 2017, we found out we have been approved! In June 2017, we were notified that we will go to training in July-August 2017.  That means our dog’s first day of work will be August 7, 2017.

The dog will either be a golden retriever, a Labrador retriever, or a mix of the two. We are excited about the possibilities this dog will bring for the children we serve. The dog will be available to greet children and families who come to the center for forensic interviews and counseling sessions. The dog can go into the interviews or therapy sessions with the children as well as go to court with children when they must testify. We look forward to having a dog that can help calm the anxiety and other feelings our children have because of the abuse they have suffered.

Courthouse Dogs Foundation website shared the following story about the difference a courthouse facility dog can make: “In Texas, a frightened little girl who had been sexually abused was brought to a child advocacy center to tell a stranger about what happened to her. When the forensic interviewer left the room for a moment to speak with detectives, the child hugged Petra and said, “I love you, Petra. You really are a good dog. I’ve told you more than I’ve ever told anybody. I hope when you die, you go to heaven.”

Your gifts will help cover some of the initial training, as well as the on-going costs of food, medical care, supplies, etc. Thank you for your support!

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