Open Your Heart

OYH 2019 First smaller-page-001Open hearts and helping hands create many possibilities for the children from hard places we serve.

We have never done this important work alone.

Child Protective Services, law enforcement, prosecutors, the courts, medical professionals, counselors and others we partner closely with work daily to protect kids, help them heal from the trauma of abuse and open many new possibilities for them. Our dedicated volunteers and board members graciously give their time, energy, talents and hearts to helping kids. Countless other community members like you also give generously to make this important work possible.

We hope you will consider giving now to sustain this critical work. We especially hope you will consider becoming a Champion for Children by setting up an automatic monthly gift of any amount.

Gifts for the Open Your Heart campaign will provide advocacy, forensic interviews, counseling, our facility dog Render and other support services to victims of child abuse. Donations will also support efforts to prevent child abuse in our community.

Thank you for your generosity!

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