Christmas Drive

Donate Now for ChristmasSince 1995, the Children’s Center has provided Christmas presents to the children we are serving, thanks to generous donors from our local community.  Each year, Christmas plans begin in November when staff and volunteers begin contacting the children, youth and families we serve to find out what they need and want for Christmas.

teddy bear treesOur Christmas Drive provides gifts of clothes, toys and other gifts to the children and youth who are being served by our two primary programs: CASA and the Children’s Advocacy Center.   For many years, we served between 125-175 children each holiday.  In 2017, we saw a dramatic increase to 262 children. Fortunately, our supporters rallied and all of the children received gifts of clothes, toys and other items.  In 2018, we expect to serve 250-300 children for Christmas.

Some of the children helped by this project are living in foster homes, away from family and friends. Other children have gone to live with grandparents or other relatives as a result of abuse or neglect. Many of these families struggle financially when one or more children suddenly come to live with them. In other families, the discovery of sexual abuse in the home has meant the loss of family income when the offender leaves.

Center staff and volunteers take the time to find out about the individual situation, needs, preferences and wishes of each child. The agency also works closely with Child Protective Services and other community agencies to ensure that efforts are coordinated and not duplicated.

Christmas 2018
Our staff and volunteers are already hard at work contacting all of our families for the wishes and needs of the children we serve.

Teddy Bear Trees  teddy bear
Help fulfill the wishes and needs of our kids by getting one or more teddy bears from the tree at one of the following locations.  Each bear will have one or two wishes for toys and/or clothing listed on it, as well as the gender and age of a child.  Please know that our kids wishes are divided up on to several bears so that everyone who wants to help can do so, no matter what their budget allows.  That is, our kids will get more than what is listed on one bear.  If you can help with one wish on one bear, that is wonderful!  If you can be more generous, we encourage you to get more than one bear.  Some people like to get more than one toy or outfit for one bear, and that’s ok too!  With everyone giving what they can, it all adds up to a wonderful Christmas for each of our kids.

You can find trees with our paper teddy bears at the following locations:

  • Blessings & Butterflies
  • Bonham Smiles
  • Cato’s
  • Cole Title Company
  • First National Bank of Trenton (Bonham, Trenton and Leonard Branches)
  • Legend Bank
  • Tax-Assessor Collector’s Office (Tag Office)
  • Tractor Supply
  • WalMart
  • Warrior Tire

Donate Now for Christmas

Donate Cash  
For donors who are short on time, the center also accepts cash donations which will be used to purchase gifts for the children.  Make a check out to FCCC and indicate it is for Christmas or pay by credit or debit card and give now.

We ask that the donations arrive by Friday, December 14 or earlier if possible. This will allow time for gifts to be sorted, wrapped and delivered in time for the holidays.

Bring gifts to the Children’s Center at 112 West Fifth Street, Bonham, TX 75418

Wish List for Christmas gifts for kids

  • Toys for children under 3
  • Gifts for teenagers
  • Movies & music (rated G & PG only please)
  • Craft kits, markers, coloring books, journals, art sets, etc.
  • Board games and books
  • Footballs, basketballs, soccer balls
  • Perfume, cologne, bath sets, make-up sets, curling irons, straighteners
  • Jewelry & watches
  • Purses, wallets, make-up bags & backpacks
  • Gift cards for clothing and discount stores
  • New clothing, coats & shoes for children ages 0-17
  • Wrapping paper, gift bags and tissue paper!

Wish list for the Children’s Center

  • Individually wrapped snacks & juice boxes
  • Bottled water & canned soft drinks
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Copy paper
  • Paper towels, plates, napkins, cups, plastic forks, etc
  • Journals, paints, markers & other craft materials for therapy sessions
  • Coloring books for children and teens

amazon_smileHoliday Shopping on Amazon?

If you are planning on shopping on Amazon this holiday season (or any time of the year), please help us out by going to Amazon Smile and designating us as your charity of choice.  It will cost you nothing extra and a small percentage of your purchase will be donated to the Children’s Center.  Thanks!

 Donate Now for Christmas