Courage Group

Courage Group 2

  • Courage Group is a free support group for female adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • This meet weekly, from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening at the Children’s Center. (Specific day of the week will be selected based on what works for the facilitator and the majority of the group members.)
  • New Group Starts October 15 - you must attend on Oct 15 in order to join this group.  This will be a closed group and no new members can join after this date.
  • Contact Sandy Hood for details -  (903) 583-4339 or

What Courage Group members have said about participating  in this group:

  • “Healing was never intended to do alone.  We learn from one another and create a bond deeper than you can imagine.  Escalate your healing process by coming.  Don’t wait.  You’ll love where it will it take you!”
  • “I’ve been able to open up and express feelings I’ve never told anyone before, which has been freeing” stated another previous group member.  “Those thoughts and feelings are no longer in my head like an endless ferris wheel.  I feel a close friendship with my group that I don’t feel with any other person or persons currently in my life.  I can be me and not worry what anyone thinks because I know I’m loved for who I am.”
  • “As a survivor of sexual abuse with some previous private counseling, the Courage group provided tools that took me to a high level of healing.  Sharing the pain and unwarranted shame with others, our tears helped to cleanse the secrets that we felt had to be hidden.  No longer a burden to carry, we were able to leave things behind and go forward, all at our own levels.”
  • “Words can not convey what the Courage Group has done for me.  There is truth in the saying “there is power in numbers.”  Together as a group we have freed each other to share our fears and we have cried and laughed together.  We have learned valuable preventative measures to teach our children and by teaching, giving them the power to say No, Run and Tell a Responsible Adult.  We have learned to recognize signs of abuse and what to do if we suspect abuse.  If everyone in the group learns this and reaches their children, family and friends and each of them teaches the same; it is an incredible number of children that will not become a victim.  By listening to others share, I have been able to face fears that I now realize I had never addressed. I have learned from others strengths and realized what a beautiful group of survivors I am privileged to be a part of. I have watched as members of the Courage Group have blossomed, holding heads higher and smiling so much more. I have learned to respect each person for their individual growth and what each one has taught me. I am a more rounded and happy person for being part of this magical Courage Group.”
  • “Since I started attending the support group, I found a place where I am not afraid of being judged or sneered at, because people have such an adverse reaction to someone who has been sexually abused; even more so if it is “incest.” It has such a hard label, a hurtful connotation to the person who bears the violation. It is almost like what has happened to me, will rub off on them.  I have learned so much from my support peers.  I needed avenues to allow myself to let go of shame that hides in the crevices of yourself…so many conflicting feelings about forgiveness.  I feel such a relief at group that I can be clueless or floundering…this group of support is forthcoming of comfort, of ideas, of understanding…something you very seldom get from anyone, other than a victim themselves.  I have a connection with this support group.  I have sincereity and trust from the ladies that are my support within this group.”
  • “This group has helped me with relationships and friendships.  I have really made some great friends.  We have really helped each other to heal.”
  • “This group helped me with my anger issues. I was so mad and didn’t even realize it. I am still working on several things but am a lot calmer now so that I can work on my issues. I also realized that I can have friends that care about me.”