Recognizing & Reporting


This class is designed for individuals and organizations that serve children and youth, providing prevention training for staff, volunteers, parents and other interested adults.

Class is 1.5 hours long and utilizes video, class discussion and case studies.

Certificate given to all who successfully complete the class.   

Learning Objectives:

  • The realities of child abuse detailing who becomes victims, who the likely perpetrators are and the prevalence of abuse in all communities.
  • The legal definitions of child abuse
  • Policies within child-serving organizations that need to exist to prohibit the potential for abuse
  • Signs and symptoms of physical, sexual and mental abuse, as well as neglect
  • How to communicate with a child who makes a disclosure of abuse
  • How to make a report and how to overcome one’s fear’s and barriers around reporting
  • What an advocacy center does


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On-line Option
Can’t make it to one of our classes? Please know we strongly encourage people to take a class in person, because the quality of learning is better because there is an opportunity to discuss the materials and ask questions. However, we also believe that taking the class on-line is better than not taking the class at all.

On-line version of this class, for a nominal fee, from the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center at