Texoma Health Foundation

THF 2019 JanTexoma Health Foundation recently awarded a grant of $25,000 to the Fannin County Children’s Center to address the medical and mental health needs of abused and neglected children in Fannin County and support child abuse prevention efforts as well.

“We are honored and grateful that the Texoma Health Foundation has chosen to invest in our center, in our community and in our children for the fifth year in a row” said Children’s Center Executive Director Sandy Barber.

This year’s grant brings the five year total to $175,000 for the Children’s Center. The grant to the Children’s Center was one of many awarded by the Foundation to nonprofits in Grayson, Fannin, Bryan and Marshall Counties to further the foundation’s mission to support the health and well-being of people.

“While we certainly appreciate the financial support from the foundation, we are also grateful for how the foundation’s board and staff are always looking for ways to share their connections, leadership, information, enthusiasm and passion to making our community healthier,” said Barber. “They have been the one of the driving forces behind several efforts related to mental health, including a partnership with UTSW Center for Depression and Research and Bonham ISD to increase resilience and reduce suicide thoughts and attempts in youth and the Texoma Behavioral Health Leadership Team which is working on expanding to Fannin County.”

The Children’s Center will use the funds to ensure that each child in foster care has a trained CASA volunteer to advocate for their medical and mental health needs. In addition, the grant will support the Children’s Advocacy Center’s efforts to provide child abuse victims with access to the specialized medical and mental health treatment they need to heal. The center will also use grant funds to train children, youth and adults in how to prevent, recognize and report child abuse.

For more information about the Children’s Center, go to www.fanninccc.org and for the Texoma Health Foundation, go to www.texomahealth.org

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