TMC Bonham Auxiliary Helping Victims of Abuse

TMC Bonham SDFI camera 2018At the most recent meeting of the TMC Bonham Auxiliary, President Agnes Ricker presented a check for $2,000 to Children’s Center Executive Director Sandy Barber.

“We are so grateful to this dedicated group for being so generous in their support of victims of abuse,” said Barber. The gift will be used to help purchase a very special camera that will be used in specialized medical exams for victims of abuse in Fannin County. Currently, victims of abuse must travel to neighboring counties for these specialized exams. Purchasing the camera will be the first of several steps to bringing these exams closer to victims in Fannin County.

When someone has been traumatized by physical and/or sexual abuse, getting a medical exam from a professional with specialized training is critical to the healing and pursuit of justice for the victim. Having to travel long distances to access that service can be a barrier to seeking treatment. “Bringing this service closer to home will not only help victims, but also our partners in law enforcement and CPS,” said Barber. Having this camera locally will allow investigators to save time and be more efficient in getting the photos needed.

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